How to increase App download?

Now average mobile internet users spend four hours to five minutes per day in mobile app. For users and marketers alike, it’s not surprise. Mobile has stirred business in this industry to increase growth. However it is accumulating. As in past mobile sites and apps are nice to have, they can become a need for all brands regardless of business. In this article, we will highlight points to Increase App Download.


Process of mobile app development is difficult as there are lots of factors to consider, adding everything from web design to functionalities. Unfortunately, it is like battle when you talk about apps. To generate good results, you can verify it is very visible to users so app downloads and its increase is important matter. It is important you can take some steps to optimize apps to appear in ranking’s chart for Google’s Play and App’s store.

Factors to Increase App Download

Consistency & Quantity          

You need to rank the in app’s store. More importantly, you have to maintain its ranking. It is good to have high-ranking in store to release the app and gets popularity.  In first stage, you need some number of downloads to occur in specific period. It can vary category wise and price. It should be on top position. Some of less free categories like travel, finance, fun, fictional medical etc. need few thousands of downloads on daily basis.

Encourage Reviews 

Positive reviews from audience of apps, declaring it as a valuable download. You need good user experience. Now it would be helpful to develop consistent install and traffic.  Don’t purchase fake comments or reviews. You should add review plug-in, take your time to plan any strategy that will improve reviews and you must offer incentives to audience.

Clean icon design

The design you are choosing for icon of app is important. For all users, it is important to consider all things. Use an app design that shows clear picture of app. Your design should be flashy and simple. You should use vibrant colors with bold design.

Leverage all other platforms

Never ignore social media. Its role is important to Increase App Downloads. To engage clients your app can build trust of your customer. You need to develop a relationship with clients. You can use social media channels. Don’t over promote. Use Facebook and Twitter to see reactions.         

Regular updates

Always update your app for promotion. Find out all possible ways that will help you to face challenges and you will get good experience.

 Description and Screenshots

Descriptive visual appearance as inside glimpse of mobile app. It must be used as screenshots section. Add image for clear representation. It will help to Increase App Downloads. Use suitable keywords for clear description otherwise you can lose brand repute.

As per app’s download is accomplishment and technique within itself. Now 2000 apps are already submitted in Apple’s and Google’s store on daily basis. Almost, 70% of mobile apps can never generate than 5k downloads. You need to focus on ASO, content strategies, creative way, localization and measurement ways like testing can encourage your downloads.   

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